You must have seen numerous images of celebrities posing before LED skin therapy in social media platforms. They have become quite a rage in the last few years and have earned the patronage of superstars and media personalities. It isn’t really surprising that LED skin phototherapy or Light Emitting Diode therapy is drawing so much attention. Skincare experts are saying that using LED for skincare is a great step ahead considering that it is non-invasive and hardly has any long term side-effects. So what is this new-age therapy that everyone seems to be talking about? Let’s find out.

What is LED Skin Phototherapy?

LED was first used by NASA to experiment plant growth on a shuttle mission in the ‘80’s but ever since it has been used in many spheres of life – skincare being one of them. LED skin therapy is a technique in which LED lights are used to treat the skin, especially the face. It is quite a simple and easy procedure which doesn’t require much time. It helps treat acne, reduces inflammation and works as an anti-aging agent.

Benefits of LED Skin Phototherapy
Aestheticians say that LED therapy prevents skin aging and also works on acne. If you visit any clinic offering LED skin phototherapy treatment in Lewisville, you should expect first class skin treatment. But what are its benefits? Let’s take a look.

  • The infrared light penetrates deep within the skin and helps increase elastin and collagen production. This process helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • This treatment also erases age spots, blemishes and sun damage. After a few weeks of treatment, your skin should look young and you should feel healthier.
  • LED light therapy is non-invasion. You can simply book an appointment at any LED skin phototherapy treatment in Frisco after your work hours. Once done you can go out for a formal dinner party too! Your lifestyle doesn’t have to change because of this therapy.
  • Each therapy can last about 90 minutes. Doing it once a week for a few months will have a long-lasting effect on your skin.

Being Careful of Side Effects
Though any LED skin phototherapy treatment in Dallas doesn’t have any side-effects, it is always better to know about the rare side-effects that can occur.

  • It can increase inflammation
  • Can cause redness
  • Rashes may erupt
  • You may feel pain and tenderness
  • You may get hives

However all these above things can be easily avoided with proper precaution. Talk to your aesthetician about any previous skin treatment you had done and if you are taking any medicines (that can have an adverse reaction).

How LED Skin Therapy Works
LED therapy has been used in skin care for more than a couple of decades. This treatment helps wounds to heal faster and also regenerates damaged muscle tissues. Inskincare and aestheticsit is primarily used to increase collagen and elastin. LED therapy works in wavelengths and frequencies, mostly red and blue light frequencies. However it must be noted that LED does not contain UV rays. That’s the primary reason why this treatment doesn’t leave any permanent side-effect on the skin.

How Much Times Does It Take
As we have mentioned above, a facial LED therapy doesn’t take longer than two hours. However to see results, you must do this treatment at least once a month for a few weeks. Once you stop with the therapy, though you will feel the rejuvenated skin for a few days but its effect will recede over time.

If your skin is bearing the brunt of age but you don’t want to undergo harsh treatment, you must opt for LED skin phototherapy.

Summary: In this write-up we talk about LED skin phototherapy and what are its benefits, side-effects and expected results.

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