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At KOKORO Organic Skincare, we focus on each person’s individual skin care needs with 100% nutrient-rich, organic, handcrafted skincare blends free from environmental toxins, parabens, sulfates, pesticides, and carcinogens — just as nature intended.

Body Treatments

Our goal is to provide a beautiful and tranquil environment where people can unwind and enjoy the healing and beautifying benefits of our services. We offer unconventional treatments that effectively integrate mind, body, and spirit.

Body Treatments

Activated carbon (charcoal), masks, sugars, salts and oils are excellent skin foods we use to detox, hydrate, and restore nutrients to the body from head to toe!

Stress Management

When stress becomes overwhelming, or it’s chronic, it can take a toll on your well-being. That’s why it’s important to have effective stress relievers that can calm your mind and your body.


Our KOKORO memberships combine both body care and skin care services. Members receive a relaxing spa service of their choice every month for substantial savings. Click to find out more!


KOKORO provides a place for pampering, relaxation, education, and the key to years of enjoying glamorous skin! Check out our Month-to-Month Memberships for extra savings and specials.

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Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

Talk about a hidden gem! I have to say this was the most amazing facial I’ve ever had. Sara has such a relaxing touch and was so sweet to answer my questions.

Denea S

What an amazing facial with Sarah! I love that the products are non-toxic, no harsh smells, etc. She took her time and made the whole experience a great one. My skin is glowing!

Erin F

Using the spice blend masque every few days has made a HUGE difference. My 60 year old skin feels rejuvenated, softer and smoother! I wish I had this product and treatment years ago.


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