KOKORO teaches people to be mindful with the products they use and to become aware of how of their thoughts and environment impact our overall wellbeing. At KOKORO, we believe in the power of using nature to heal and enhance our natural beauty and inspire vibrant health inside and out.

About Sarah

I started KOKORO Organic Skincare to help create a healthier society that can take control of their health to heal themselves and achieve vibrant health inside and out. With over 10 years experience in the spa industry, I truly enjoy finding patterns and unraveling the puzzles that our bodies can present, and from this understanding, treating each client to restore health, vibrancy and balance to the body.

Sarah Lewis

Organic Skincare Specialist, Reiki Master

When I discovered the world of skin care, I realized that beauty starts from the inside and makes its way out. Ever since, I have dedicated myself to learning about wellness, and understanding how to best nourish and care for our bodies. Over ten years ago I began working as a massage therapist and saw the power and tremendous impact touch has on our overall well being. Wanting to learn more about bettering and beautifying my clients, I received certified training in Esthetics in 2013. After seeing all of the unnecessary – and even dangerous – ingredients found in most skincare products it made me see the importance and value in using simple, accessible organic ingredients. I believe that everything our body’s need is provided from the earth, and I love to use the most natural ingredients possible to treat and protect the skin. 

As I continued to learn more about Eastern philosophy and skincare, I was introduced to Reiki and experienced first hand the ways it enhanced my life in a multitude of ways, and promotes an on-going expansion of consciousness that has led to many opportunities for growth and transformation. I was naturally drawn to Reiki because of my own innate resonance with hands-on healing, and because it is a simple system that is thorough, extremely effective, and guided by basic values of respect and integrity.


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Our Mission

KOKORO is revolutionizing the way health and beauty harmonize. By combining the latest in skincare technology with conscious healing modalities to relieve your stress and activate your healing mechanisms through touch, sound, aroma, and breathing.

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Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

Talk about a hidden gem! I have to say this was the most amazing facial I’ve ever had. Sara has such a relaxing touch and was so sweet to answer my questions.

Denea S

What an amazing facial with Sarah! I love that the products are non-toxic, no harsh smells, etc. She took her time and made the whole experience a great one. My skin is glowing!

Erin F

Using the spice blend masque every few days has made a HUGE difference. My 60 year old skin feels rejuvenated, softer and smoother! I wish I had this product and treatment years ago.


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